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Thayer Watkins
Silicon Valley,
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to the Rockies

Comparisons of Increments in
Binding Energies due to the
Formation of neutron-neutron
and proton-proton Spin Pairs


Nuclei are held together by the spin pairing of their nucleons; neutron-neutron. proton-proton and neutron-proton. Such spin pairings are exclusive in the sense that one neutron can pair with one proton and one other neutron. The same applies for a proton.

With respect to the increment in binding energy due to spin pairing there should be no difference between neutrons and protons. Here are the graphs of the increments for an additional neutron and for an additional proton.

Remarkably this shows a range over which the two functions essentially coincide. This is very significant.

There is a near-coincidence for the case of p=n=27.

However this degree of coincidence does not prevail even for the close-by case of p=n=28, but there is a degree of similarity.

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