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The Schwarz-Hora Blue Electron Effect

In 1968 Helmuth Schwarz and Heinrich Hora were carrying out an experiment with the apparatus such is shown below. When an electron beam which had passed through the crystal which had been irradiated with blue light from a laser impinged upon an alumina screen a blue light was emitted.

This was a surprising and puzzling result. There is no known way that photons can form some metastable structure with an electron. It is also a surprising and puzzling result that the electrons would give up the energy of the photons upon collision with the alumina plate.

The unanswered question is what were Schwarz and Hora looking for with the apparatus they set up.

Surprisingly this Schwarz-Hora Effect, also known irrationally as the Blue Electron Effect, has never been duplicated. In addition to being duplicated there is a need to find out what effects result from changes in the parameters. There was a lot of interest in it on the part of theorist who hoped to explain the phenomenon .

(To be continued.)


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