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Adjectives in Danish

The form of adjectives in Danish in relation to the nature of the noun they modify is more complex than for adjectives in English. In Danish the form of an adjective depends upon the gender, the number (singular/plural), the definiteness and the comparison (good/better/best) of the noun they modify.. In English the form of an adjective depends only upon the comparison of its noun.

Modification of the Form of an Adjective in Danish as a Function of the Nature of the Noun It Modifies
of Noun
in Form of
Singular indefiniteno modificationen kort kvinde
(a short woman)
Plural indefnitea final ekorte kvinder
(short women)
Singular definitea final eden korte kvinde
(the short woman)
Plural dedinitea final ede korte kvinder
(the short women)

Surprisingly, when an adjective is used with to be or to become as in The book is green. the indefinite form of the noun is used in Danish: Bogen er grøn.

Another surprising form in Danish is that a term such as the blue one is expressed with den, det or de and the adjective alone: den blå

The special words ny (new) and fri (free) are used as adjectives without any modification.

For comparisons Danish adds the suffixes ere and este just as English adds er and est. Example: short, shorter, shortest are kort, kortere, korteste in Danish.

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